Counselling Symposium – Public Awareness Day

12abSymposium Days: Certain days of the year The NES on demands invited experts in their fields discussed integration and tolerance difficulties that many parents are nowadays inevitably facing such as bullying communication barriers for recently immigrated families and other possible issues that these new comer student have been, are and may be facing in the future. One of other popular subjects was how to increase the success of our students and issues they have to tackle at schools,- how to overcome their problems – what lies with the parents in order to build a stronger relations with their kids . In these interesting events many members of the public were in presents and most have benefitted greatly. These special days filled a vital role in public awareness

World Sufi Festival at S.E.C.C of Glasgow…


22 February 2008- Cultural Festival (International World Sufi Festival at SECC under World Sufi festival International World Sufi Festiva: Food and Cultural Fair days held in Glasgow S.E.C.C, 22-24 February 2008. It is a rich and colourful celebration for all the family with the aim of capturing positive messages about peace and love that have been around for centuries and recognised in the east and west. In three days festival thousands of visitors had a chance to experiences tens of different cultures and home made traditional food around the world…

The opening ceremony will be attended by special guests including Bob Winter Lord Provost of Glasgow, Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police Stephen House, funders representatives and councilors.

There are musicians, dancers, artists and participants from around the world – from more than 12 countries and 4 continents, including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Zimbabwe, Cote d’Ivoire, Uganda, Senegal, Australia, England and Scotland.

There is a special children’s area (funded by Heritage Lottery Fund) where children of all ages can listen to Sufi stories with our Australian storyteller, make a personal talisman, try calligraphy, banner making and crafts with artists from Pakistan and Baluchistan.

There are frequent performances on 2 stages throughout the day and plenty more to see and do as you wend your way through the Bazaar and installations from Turkey, Iran and Senegal.

Glasgow City Council Parks Dept are providing the greenery for all the courtyards, including the Fountain Garden, turning the inside of the SECC into a verdant outside space!

The NES’s show stand attracted to many distinguished guests as wells thousands visitors in 3 days long festival.

Amongst the highlighted visitors were Bob Winter Lord Provost of Glasgow, Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police Stephen House , Mohammad Sarvar, MSP and Councillor Hanzala Malik, Councilor Shaukat Butt, funders representatives, representatives Glasgow diverse community, they all thank and express their admiration for the contribution that NES made.

Art & Painting Exhibition – Competition Prize Draw

5abStudents Works: The part time students of the N.E.S with the contribution of some other adult students of the community members set up art/painting exhibitions at John Wheatley College East End Campus. This has become regular since June 2009. it took place with the support of the NES and parents students had chance to display their talents and hand skills. Exhibition received a great support from public of visitors. The selected works and its producers participated in competition in London in 2008 and one won bronze too.


English courses for youths with little English, such as those who has entered the country recently and also for those who have been living in Scotland for some time but need to further develop their English.

The aim of this service is to develop and increase pupils’ and command of English language so that they are in a better position to understand their subjects at school, interact and socialize with English speakers at all levels, gain better grades and increase their job opportunities for the future.

This service will be provided by qualified teachers. Partnerships with local colleges and organizations will be sought for teaching of the course. There is general coordinator to oversee the development and organization of the provision and a course program will be devised.

Progress of students is monitored and parents notified. Partnership with local schools with high proportions of students with little or no English will be developed so that groups of students can be sent to the centre to attend these courses.
Service purchaser: 10-16 year old youths with little or no English and those who need to improve their standard of English.

Hospice Visits…

13abElderly and the people needing special cares are valuable but unforgettable individuals of our community. These people were regarded as wise man with extensive knowledge gathered through the long life experience. So the NES has forgotten them too. NES paid a visit to St Columbas Hospice, St Andrews and St. Margareth Hospices. Hosts were very happy and thanked NES for gifts and the visits. However, the checking out for the NES volunteers were sad, staff were touched by hand waves and eye.

1abCommunity Gatherings and Dinners: It was one of the highly /respected/ attention catching events that the NES organized. In this program a large number of the members of Scottish Community with mixed origin including Turkish, Asian as well as well Scottish originated people attended.

These event have been a sample of a diversity of community members. During the events guests had chance to experience stunning performance of music brought together with dinners served at cost of NES guests had pleasant time.

The NES also aimed to bring a Scottish community with mixed backgrounds together who had not even met each other before but formed an amazing atmosphere during the events. So that it has been aimed to cohere individuals and different communities to form safer community freed from preconceptions to each other so that they can live in a brotherhood and safe together.