Mission of Statement

The Nurture Educational and Multicultural Society is a registered charity, established in Glasgow in 2004, with the aim of contributing to the peace of the society by organizing social, cultural and educational activities for everyone without exception. There are two main focuses of the Nurture, which are dialogue and education. By dialogue, we mean constructive and meaningful conversation and interaction in and between diverse communities and people from different social, cultural, ethnic, political or religious backgrounds to increase awareness and understanding of ‘others’. It does this by bringing people together through discussion forums, courses and outreach. The dialogue is aimed at all kind of social issues without regard to any particular faith or culture. Through education, it intends to conduce to the development of children by offering supplementary courses as well as language courses for people of any ages.
Although The Nurture was founded by British Muslims of Turkish background, it is growing with the contribution of the local community in Glasgow which contains people from diverse cultures. It is not a religious or ethnic organisation belong to a particular group or community, rather it belongs to the whole community and serving the community. Its motto is ‘love love, hate hate!’.  It advocates democracy, human rights, freedom of speech and equality.