About Us

Who are we?

The Nurture Educational and Multicultural Society (NES) was established in 2004 as a charitable organization. The society was initially set up by business men, academics and students residing in Glasgow.



The NES has the aim of building cohesion by connecting communities through dialogue. Dialogue, for us, is any activity through which people of different cultures, religions, political or social groups come together for a meaningful interaction. The NES was founded by people from Turkish background but it seeks together people of diverse cultures and of all faiths and none.



The NES is not only engaged with dialogue, but also with education. The objectives of NES for education are as following: to help educate the Turkish speaking youth in Scotland, to set up tuition classes for the whole society and to organize several classes for adults (cooking, stitching, language…).


Background of the society

Since 2004 the NES has been working closely with the local communities and other voluntary groups in Glasgow and other parts of Scotland. With the aid of these groups the NES has successfully completed a number of events and activities. The NES has reached thousands of peoples in 12 years time and it has proved itself to be beneficial to the local community. Based on the previous success of the society’s events we are confident that our efforts will continue to have a positive effect on the cohesion of the community into the wider society.