Noah’s Pudding Celebration with Friends

Today, we shared Noah’s Pudding with Cambuslang Parish Church and also other community members.

For about five years the Nurture has been using this lovely tradition to bring people together across different cultures, religions and viewpoints. We, as the Nurture, found that people of Turkish origin were keeping up the tradition, but instead of taking the pudding to their next door neighbours they would drive to the nearest Turkish family who would understand what it was all about. The Nurture encouraged Turkish people to use the tradition to make contact with their immediate neighbours of different cultures. People were initially a bit shy – their English was not always perfect and they were nervous of taking round this strange-looking gift. And we also realized that an another organization, we respect, overcome these difficulties by providing printed cards on which the significance of Noah’s Pudding has been explained. We shared our idea with this organization, called Dialogue Society and they also gladly shared these cards with us. When our people overcome nervousness and took the pudding to next-door neighbours, many people found that it was greatly appreciated. Neighbours often brought something home-made in return and a friendly connection was established.Noah’s pudding seems a great tool for bringing people together. Sharing food is always a good way of getting different people interacting on a personal level. The association with Noah, highlights areas of common ground between Christians, Muslims and Jews. And as a result there are mainly two reasons what this pudding symbolizes us and this is why we like it:

Firstly, as it had been said this food was prepared after the Great Flood, which can also be interpreted as returning to the pre-creation state of Earth, zero point, and everything starts from the beginning with Noah’s Ark’s resting to the dry land. So this Pudding also represents a new, and clean beginning of life.

And secondly, as you will see, it is a mixture of all kinds of different ingredients. They are prepared and cooked all together, but you can still taste the individual elements distinctly even in the finished pudding. And it tastes delicious. We think it is a good metaphor for a thriving diverse society; everybody retains their different traditions and beliefs, their particular ‘flavours’, but they come together to make something harmonious and good.

The puddings were ready for the tasters to evaluate the performance…


At the same time the Minister of Cambuslang Parish Church was giving his speech about the importance of the day.


Also Dr Thomas Donachie was with us as usual and gave his speech about sharing with neighbors.


Councillor Russel Clearie kindly accepted our invitation although we gave him very late notice and gave us a lovely speech emphasizing the importance of being community and and the spirit of friendship.  While he was ending his speech it was inevitable to see the smiles on the faces of the audience.


And finally, the lovely food, our community members prepared, get all the points from participants…



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