Interfaith Days…

The N.E.S together with Dialogue Socity for Scotland participated several Interfaith Meetings Edinburgh Radisson SAS hotel and Glasgow…


The Nurture ever since it was founded it has been designated / addressed / indicated that building a strong bridge between different religions of the community. On many occasions NES brought religion representatives together in Edinburgh SAS Hotel, Edinburgh University David Hume Tower, also in Aberdeen, Stirling and Glasgow in community halls.

Representatives from Christians, Mislims, Judism, Sighs, Budism have stressed the importance of the ties between regions for a stronger long life community.

They also addressed admitted that religion representatives play vital role in people of different beliefs approach to each other. They said so we have to be aware of what we say when addressing our own audiences and we should help strengthening these ties amongst each other. Always we think how we contribute to a tolerant society.

In these event female volunteers / representatives were greatly active