English courses for youths with little English, such as those who has entered the country recently and also for those who have been living in Scotland for some time but need to further develop their English.

The aim of this service is to develop and increase pupils’ and command of English language so that they are in a better position to understand their subjects at school, interact and socialize with English speakers at all levels, gain better grades and increase their job opportunities for the future.

This service will be provided by qualified teachers. Partnerships with local colleges and organizations will be sought for teaching of the course. There is general coordinator to oversee the development and organization of the provision and a course program will be devised.

Progress of students is monitored and parents notified. Partnership with local schools with high proportions of students with little or no English will be developed so that groups of students can be sent to the centre to attend these courses.
Service purchaser: 10-16 year old youths with little or no English and those who need to improve their standard of English.