Ramadan Dinner Event

We would like to thank Leslie Milton and Dr. Ismail Sezgin for their talks.

Mr Milton told about his present visit and how he realised the culture of sharing food during the holy month of Ramadan in Mozambique.

Dr Sezgin explained us Ramadan and its purpose in five points in his speech.The event increased mutual understanding and strengthen the friendship among the two neighbouring communities. 

We would like to thank the brilliant staff and the community of Cambuslang Parish Church for their hospitality.Events like these are important to increase mutual understanding among different communities.


A Training Event Presented By Cemvo

(Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organisations Scotland). A Scottish Government funded organisation to support Ethnic Communities.

Trainers..Presenters Mary Sneddon and Mary MacLeod.
The purpose of the training event was to raise awareness of Committee Members and Trustees on the need to find focus, direction and vision for the future. “THE WAY FORWARD”.
Both Mary’s were excellent trainers. Were able to tease out, probe, clarify and discuss the vision of..for NES in the coming years. There was a presentation giving information about CEMVO and how they can help..support NES to journey into a positive future and help with grant applications. A future which will be focused on contributing to the local Community by working in partnership on joint programmes in education..integration and providing affordable space. Discussion around Social Enterprise Organisations..NES becoming an Incorporate Organisation and what this means to NES. All members present contributed their ideas which were discussed prioritised and agreed. Everyone found the training session very helpful and were pleased to attend. The members were left with an idea of what the future will look like and the role they have to play in creating the NES vision.
The Trustees and Committee expressed their thanks to CEMVO for all the support and found the training very helpful.
Everyone at NES give their thanks to both Mary’s for all their help and support and we look forward to working together in the coming weeks


Interfaith Burns Supper

Venue..Hosts Sikh Gurdwara Temple Glasgow.

A few members of our community attended the above mentioned supper to celebrate the birthday of Scotland’s National (and International) Poet or Bard Robert Burns.

The celebration is commonly known as a “Burns Supper”. Which is an annual event where Scottish music is played, Recitals of Burns Poetry and stories about his life are spoken. Traditional Scottish food is served mainly Haggis, Neeps (turnip) and tatties (potatoes).

However this supper was different in that all food served was vegetarian and delightfully prepared by the Sikh Community. Alongside the delightful food we were treated to traditional Sikh music and anthem, some Burns poems, songs and a history of Burns life. One of the Sikh children recited “To a Louse” a famous Burns poem. Everyone appreciated this performance with much applause.

The supper ended in the Traditional way by the singing of Auld Lang Syne with everyone linking arms and joining in the singing.
Our members enjoyed the night, appreciated the warm welcome, the friendly environment, the sense of community and unity that brought many faiths together.

We would thank everyone who organised, planned, prepared, cooked, performed, served and engaged in an excellent Burns night.


Noah Pudding Celebration

We have hosted Noah’ Pudding celebration with our friends from the Cambuslang Parish Church.
We thank everyone for joining us at the church and to help us celebrate “ashura”.
The event was well attended and everyone enjoyed some Turkish food Turkish tea.

The Minister Leslie emphasised the starting of Advent, which in effect is the start of the Christian Calendar. He wished everyone a year of friendship and community.

Mr Necdet presented a short talk on the story of Noah’s Pudding, which was well received and people found it interesting.

We look forward to sharing more events with the Cambuslang Parish Chuch congregation.

We also whish everyone a very happy Christmas.

Thank you to Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church in Hamilton.


Thank you to Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church in Hamilton.

We visited Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church in Hamilton to attend a networking meeting. The meeting was arranged by Suzie McCheynne of Scottish Business in the Community and we meet with Ian Barcroft Minister of the Church, Alyson Plummer Church Trustee and Board Member. We were also joined by Suzie who was kind and supplied a delightful lunch.

Saint Mary’s has an “open for all vision” which is very similar to our own vision at the Society.
This is all helpful information for us and we hope to meet on a regular basis to share ideas and vision.Overall, a good meeting with many ideas and opportunities.


Annual Friendship Dinner

Thank you everybody for attending our “Annual Friendship Dinner.”
We had a lovely evening with our friends from;
The Unitarians Church, Healthy N Happy, University of Strathclyde, Central Cambuslang Tenants and Residents Association, Cambuslang Parish Church, Enable, Interfaith Glasgow, Scotland Police Crime Prevention, St Bride’s Roman Catholic Church and our warm-hearted neighbours.

Here are some pictures of the event.